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Macro has been helping client restaurant operations satisfy customers and widen profit margins since 1983. Our company leadership has more than 100 years of combined restaurant management and ownership experience.

Macro Management Services provides specialized, professional business services to clients in the Food & Beverage industry. Organized into four main categories: bookkeeping and accounting, payroll and human resources, industry-specific information technology (IT) support, and administrative/operational activities, these services generate accurate and timely information for clients to use in maximizing guests' experience and operational profitability.

Data collection and analysis are our core services. In addition to polling your Point of Sales (POS) system to gather sales data and labor information, Macro provides financial reports to present your data in a meaningful way. Know which menu items cost the least to produce and which are your best sellers. Track sales and labor data over time to look for areas of improvement.

If an activity in your operation can happen outside the kitchen and the dining room, shouldn't it? We oversee human resources activities including personnel file maintenance and payroll. We can coordinate your inventory management and accounts payable processes to free up time for your management staff. Our experienced team can manage governmental reporting and tax payments, order background checks in your hiring process, and serve as a liaison to insurance companies for employee health insurance administration or general liability issues.

We help you serve your customers better while improving your own bottom line

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