Here are a few of the ways Macro works with your technology:

Technology for Decision Making

One of the problems restaurants often encounter is the highly sophisticated yet sometimes user-unfriendly Point of Sale (POS) system.

Large restaurant chains spend millions of dollars for highly specialized data-capturing equipment and structure their systems to aggregate data from numerous terminals. Their staff of information technology (IT) professionals processes the data and generates reports ... and when a service call is requested, the POS system manufacturer rushes to protect a large account.

Through Macro Management Services, small and independent operators can take advantage of technology, too. We have developed our own custom interface for end-to-end integration across all legacy and web-based systems. Using this software, Macro polls our clients’ POS machines electronically and processes the data we capture to produce custom sales and labor reports. Then we help you analyze the data and make decisions based on the information collected by your POS system. Your operation will become more cost-efficient and your decisions will be based on fact . . . and your managers can spend more time on the floor interacting with customers than trying to interpret numbers on their workstations.

Because Macro has a long track record in the industry, often we are able to get quick response times from service departments when a problem our IT specialists can’t solve arises.

Technology for Existing Operations

Our interface was designed to work with various POS machines from a number of manufacturers including 360POS, Aloha, Digital Dining, Micros, Toast, Squirrel, and POSitouch, among others. We’ve seen restaurant operators struggle with equipment they can’t really afford and information they don't understand. Call us before it's too late!

Typical reports we provide to clients include (1) a daily cash report, (2) a daily sales summary generated weekly, (3) a weekly corporate cost report that shows a cost breakdown for sales and labor and (4) a financial operating statement by accounting period. Beyond these basic reports, we can build a report for your operation with exactly the data you want to see – and none of the information you don’t!

Technology for New Hires

Restaurant payroll is not the same as payroll for other industries. We understand turnover, tip pooling, meal deductions and other issues that affect your segment of the workforce. Large national payroll processors might do a great job with universities or manufacturing plants ... but often they require a lot of work from your people to produce a restaurant payroll.

That's why we invented Plated Pay, the custom software we use to onboard your new employees and produce your payrolls. Priced to compete with the large payroll processing companies, Plated Pay saves your managers the time and aggravation of the new hire paperwork package. Employment candidates can enter their data into our online portal and Plated Pay automatically sends the information to your POS. The record also flows straight into payroll software for one-time data entry ... done by the new hire NOT the manager!

Technology Choices
for Your Back Office

For more than 35 years, Macro has been developing and fine tuning our own accounting software. A solid system with built-in accuracy checkpoints, Macro’s proprietary system relies heavily on hand-entered data.

In 2018 Macro announced a partnership with Restaurant365 to offer the latest technology available in restaurant-specific accounting. Data flows from your Point of Sale (POS) system to your general ledger with maximum efficiency and clients who use it love Restaurant365’s reporting features.

Inventory maintenance, invoice coding, and bank reconciliation activities that used to eat up hours of clerical time are streamlined procedures with multiple layers of “drill down” available at the click of a mouse.

If you think your operation could benefit from this exceptional software but you are reluctant to train your employees on yet another system, let Macro utilize Restaurant365 to keep your books and prepare your financials.

Macro Management Services + Restaurant365 = Value. Accuracy. Results.

We help you serve your customers better while improving your own bottom line

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