Accounts Payable

Our straightforward and detail-oriented approach to Accounts Payable means your bills are verified for accuracy, coded to the correct expense accounts, and paid on schedule. Most of our clients have their invoices sent directly to Macro and follow our best practices for product deliveries. Consumption reports generated from your inventory counts help identify shrinkage or theft.


Since reports are only as accurate as the information used to make them, we give feedback to clients on possible discrepancies as we work through the information. This includes data that comes through when polling the Point of Sale system (miskeys, incorrect timecard data, etc.), in bank reconciliations and on invoices. Our goal is to catch inaccuracies before we make journal entries and produce reports.

  • Budgeting

  • Financial Forecasting

  • Inventory Management


No matter which accounting software we use to process your sales reports, financial statements and P&L's, we strive to provide accurate and timely data in an easy-to-understand format. Clients love our Daily Cash Report that monitors sales hitting the bank and expenses "on deck" for payment.

Payroll Services

Macro offers payroll customer service that goes way beyond what the commercial payroll companies provide to universities, hospitals, and clients in other industries. Over many years, Macro has developed and perfected payroll software specifically for restaurants. Let us poll your Point of Sale (POS) system for employee time and attendance data, run a payroll report for your onsite manager to approve, calculate applicable taxes and deductions, and pay your people!

We stay ahead of Department of Labor regulations and our contacts in the Wage and Hour Division help us interpret policies we then communicate to our clients. If you have questions about policies on employee vacation and sick leave, we can help!

Calculation of earnings, taxes, deductions & net pay

Federal and state tax payment & reporting

Affordable Care Act compliance

Year-end reporting and distribution (W2, 1099, etc.)

Prompt and professional customer service

General ledger payroll export

We help you serve your customers better while improving your own bottom line

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