Restaurants Landmark City Growth

Macro Management Services loves restaurants – the rhythm of the business, the people we meet in hospitality, and of course, the food.  Because we offer “back office” services, we don’t always hear the personal stories and shared memories that define the industry.

Happily, the industry is not one that will fall victim to the digital age.  Maybe you can order your favorite restaurant meal online for delivery with an app … but nothing replaces the experience of dining in a restaurant.  Dinner with your folks before a show!  A first real date in a dark steakhouse!  Maybe you had a great meal out last night after a long day.

This article (link below) from Style Blueprint reminisces about well loved restaurants, now closed, in a city on the rise: Nashville, Tennessee.  It also sounds like there is a book on the way from one of the major players in the city’s restaurant scene.  Change the names and it could apply to so many American cities.

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