Cybersecurity: where are you weak?

You may think the encryption that comes with your Point of Sale machine or credit card processing protects you and your guests and provides cybersecurity … and it does!  But computer criminals and credit card fraudsters continue to find ways to steal.  Firewalls in your system are critical to keeping your data safe … but there are other ways you can avoid risk.

Minimize your exposure by establishing company policies to address how your employees handle guests’ credit cards.  A credit card left on a counter – even for a brief period of time – can be stolen by anyone with a smart phone camera.  Once the policies are communicated to everyone in your operation, enforce strict penalties for non-compliance.

And give some thought to how your management team handles employees’ and potential employees’ personal information.  Are all applications for employment and personnel files locked up all the time?  The U.S. Bureau of Justice reported identity theft cost Americans $24.7 billion in 2012.  Don’t unwillingly give someone a chance to victimize your staff members.



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