Technology for Decision Making

One of the problems restaurants often encounter is the highly sophisticated yet sometimes user-unfriendly Point of Sale (POS) system. 

Large restaurant chains spend millions of dollars for highly specialized data-capturing equipment and structure their systems to aggregate data from up to 1,000 sales terminals.  Their staff of information technology (IT) professionals processes the data and generates reports that allow management staff to see what items aren’t selling or where labor overruns are driving down profits.  When a service call is requested, the POS system manufacturer rushes to protect a large account.

Through Macro Management Services, small and independent operators can take advantage of technology, too.  We have developed our own custom interface for end-to-end integration across all legacy and web-based systems.  Using this software, Macro can poll our clients’ POS machines electronically and process the data we capture to produce custom sales and labor reports.  Then, we sit down with your staff to help you analyze the report and make decisions based on the information collected by your POS system.  Your operation will become more cost-efficient and your decisions will be based on fact . . . and your managers can spend more time on the floor interacting with customers than trying to interpret numbers on their workstations. 

Because Macro has a long track record in the industry and is affiliated with various operators using many of the leading systems, we are able to get quick response times from service departments when a problem that our IT specialists can’t solve arises.